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"I dont swallow I spit"




"I dont swallow I spit"


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FoodieFitness giveaway! Take a funny food/fitness pic and #foodiefitnessig
3 winners chosen next fri on the @foodiefitnessig page :)

Foodie Fitness giveaway! Take a fun food/workout picture and tag @foodiefitnessig and win a free tank :)
3 winners announced next Friday on the @foodiefitnessig page!

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Friends dont let friends skip leg day lol

Just in case you’ve been living under a rock for the past 24 hours (like me), I have some news for you! 

Jennifer Lawrence, Ariana Grande, Victoria Justice, Teresa Palmer, and a bunch of other people who I’ve never heard of allegedly had nude pictures leak!

Jennifer Lawrence’s pictures have been confirmed as real but others are still denying and may be fake

There’s only 2 lessons to be learned from this

1. There’s no such thing as bad press (prepare to watch Jennifer Lawrence become even more popular)

2. Disable iCloud. seriously. No good comes from that, just backup your phone from your iTunes people!

Hello world, the arrival of September means nothing to me. But to many of you out there it could mean the beginning of college! I’ve been out of school for 4 years now but it seems like just yesterday I was still a student… so as I was reminiscing, I came up with a list of things I wish I knew before going to college!

1. You don’t know yourself (even if you think you do)

You may have been the awkward loser, best basketball player, or 4.0 valedictorian of your high school but that’s all behind you now. No one cares. You may think you know what you want to do with your life, but be prepared for the start of a long journey of soul searching. Not just academically either! Be prepared to get your mind blown as you witness firsthand how your views on friends, food, career, and clothing change!

2. What happens on the web, stays on the web

The internet is not vegas

I didn’t have my first drink til I was 21 (yes unicorns exist) but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t. When you’re 18 and on living on your own for the first time we all tend to make some poor (yet incredibly awesome at the same time) decisions. Just remember whatever gets posted onto the web is there to stay. If you’re underage and voluntarily post incriminating pictures online you probably weren’t meant to succeed. Just make sure if you are going to be intoxicated you’re around people you trust not to tarnish your online image by posting stuff where your parents and potential employers can see!

3. Go to class, office hours, and STAY AWAKE!

Yes I know you have a syllabus, a textbook, and a friend who you can copy notes from. But go to class. Pay attention. 

Go to office hours, get to know the TA and professor. In a lecture hall of hundreds if you can only benefit by having a good relationship with your professor. Your TA knows the ins and outs of the course and will provide invaluable clues on how to do well in the class. Check your professor’s credentials, you’ll be surprised at how influential he/she is within the field. Remember, it’s not just about the grade you get. It’s about who you know.

*Next time you’re bored divide your tuition by the amount of hours of class. Mine turned out to be $356.78 per 45 min lecture. If you had to cough up that dough yourself would you ditch?

4. Step out of your comfort zone

Feeling too comfortable at school? Take a year to study abroad. Introverted? Go join an improv club. You will never grow or progress if you stick to what you’re comfortable with and never try anything new. 

5. Make mistakes.

Yup. I’m encouraging you to make mistakes. Get wasted, make bad decisions, spend beyond your means. Whatever it is, get it out of your system. True value of college is life experience, not the classes. 

6. Intern

If you’re lucky enough to discover what you will enjoy doing as a career during college then intern. It is not about the money so get over it. You’re a college student so know your worth - which is nothing. Find an internship, go above and beyond. Ask questions, take your senior associates/bosses to lunch and pick their brain. Then soak up everything they say like a sponge. 


College flies by. It is the only time in your life you will be surrounded by a bunch of people your age without any true responsibilities of real life. Making friends is as simple as knocking on doors in your residential hall or saying hi to someone in class. You can sleep until noon, dress however you want, and enjoy life. So stop complaining about how miserable you are because those stresses aint nothing compared to real life =). Just take a moment and enjoy the best time of your life! 

This probably isn’t the complete list of things I wish I knew before college, but this post is getting pretty long so I’ll stop here! Best of luck to everyone who’s still in school, I hope this is relatable and can be of some help to you! If you’re too young, come back and read this when you apply for college =)

love ya’ll